Are Plyometrics for You?

Plyometrics are exercises using explosive movements to develop power, speed and increase the metabolic demand of your workout.If you’re “injury-free” you may find that plyometrics add intensity to your workout and shape to your body.  After a light warm-up, here are a couple of movements to try:

Squat Jump:  From a standard squat position (feet shoulder width, athletic ready position), prepare the body by bending at the knees.  Start by taking a small jump, leaving the ground a couple of inches and landing gently on the balls of the feet.  As you become comfortable with the movement you can add a bit more depth to the jump as well as height to leap.  Remember, it’s quality and intensity that we’re looking for so go hard and strong but limit your time to about 20-30 seconds.  You’ll be able to complete about 20-30 jumps in that time and should be winded at the end of that interval.

Plyo Squat Jump





Split Squat:  Once you’ve mastered the squat jump you can take it up a notch and do the split squat.  You’re in a lunge stance to start and then quickly jump to switch feet from the front to the back.  Lunge a couple of inches to start until you get your balance then add depth to the movement.  This is a tough one so you may need to start with 5 each side and then increase to 10 each side. 


Plyo Split Squat