4 Keys to Fitting Exercise Into Your Day and Keep Your New Year’s Resolution!

By Sarah Mulaner, President Imagine Fitness

Was your New Year’s Resolution to exercise 30-60 minutes most days?  I know it’s a matter of time, but you will notice the difference in your body, your mind and you outlook.  Here are 5 Keys to make it easy to achieve your goal:

  1. Go out for a brisk walk, sign up for a spin class or a running program, take your kids out for a bike ride.  Zumba is an option for those who love dance workouts and music!


  1. Make it convenient, make a space in your house for exercise equipment, weights, an exercise DVD.  Skipping is an inexpensive way to get amazing cardio.  You may hire a trainer to keep you on track and show you how to get the most out of your program.


  1. Find a buddy to go to the gym with, encourage and motivate each other.  Those who work out with a friend or a trainer will see 5x better results that those who “try” to exercise on their own.  You won’t waste time, energy or enthusiasm and you’ll see the body composition changes you’re looking for.

4.  Practical Exercises, no equipment needed!  Try the plank on your elbows, squats/walking lunges with body weight or hand weights if you have them, pushups off the stairs or on the floor.  Make it a daily habit and you’ll feel great in no time.


Remember that exercise releases feelings of stress and improves sleep.  The rush of endorphins that occurs when you exercise intensely helps improve your sense of wellbeing and improves your body’s ability to burn fat.  You will lose weight, feel more energetic and sleep more soundly.

Sarah Mulaner has enjoyed working in the wellness industry since ’91 and is an avid runner and yogi.  Sarah is a personal trainer, nutritionist, holistic healer and BIE practitioner who loves helping  clients with stress management, digestive issues, allergy symptoms and more.   She specializes in yoga, reflexology, aromatherapy and other natural methods that relax, heal and pamper the mind and body.  Imagine Wellness, together let’s make it real! 

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Valentine’s Day Love: Sex as Exercise?

Get Some Love on Valentine’s Day

  With Valentine’s Day approaching here are a couple of things you might want to keep in mind:

If you have sex 3 times per week, you’ll burn an extra 7,000 calories per year. 

According to healthcentral.com, that’s equivalent to jogging 1.4 miles per week!

(January/February 2008 issue of Canadian Fitness Professionals Magazine)

  Although sex can’t be used to replace regular cardio workouts, it helps to reduce stress and burn extra calories.    Both men and women should practice their Kegel exercises, which are done by contracting your pelvic floor muscles as if you’re trying to stop urine, and hold it there for 3 seconds.  Inhale as you squeeze and exhale as you release.  Start out by doing 10-15 squeezes per day and build up to about 100 per day.

  The bridge exercise is an effective way to improve sexual control and gratification.  It can be done by simply lying on the floor and pressing the pelvis up in the air.  Hold for about 10 seconds and then lower as you exhale. 

According to the Daily Stanford, these are the top 10 health benefits of sex:

1.       Helps you live longer.

2.       Strengthens your heart.

3.       Reduces stress and depression.

4.       Strengthens bones and muscles.

5.       Improves your memory and keeps your mind sharp.

6.       Helps you look younger.

7.       Improves your sense of smell.

8.       Provides pain relief.

9.       May reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

10.   Boosts the immune system.

This is a great way to have fun while staying in shape. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Are Plyometrics for You?

Plyometrics are exercises using explosive movements to develop power, speed and increase the metabolic demand of your workout.If you’re “injury-free” you may find that plyometrics add intensity to your workout and shape to your body.  After a light warm-up, here are a couple of movements to try:

Squat Jump:  From a standard squat position (feet shoulder width, athletic ready position), prepare the body by bending at the knees.  Start by taking a small jump, leaving the ground a couple of inches and landing gently on the balls of the feet.  As you become comfortable with the movement you can add a bit more depth to the jump as well as height to leap.  Remember, it’s quality and intensity that we’re looking for so go hard and strong but limit your time to about 20-30 seconds.  You’ll be able to complete about 20-30 jumps in that time and should be winded at the end of that interval.

Plyo Squat Jump





Split Squat:  Once you’ve mastered the squat jump you can take it up a notch and do the split squat.  You’re in a lunge stance to start and then quickly jump to switch feet from the front to the back.  Lunge a couple of inches to start until you get your balance then add depth to the movement.  This is a tough one so you may need to start with 5 each side and then increase to 10 each side. 


Plyo Split Squat