Grief Recovery Method

My name is Sarah Mulaner and I’m a registered massage therapist, healer, and author.  I lost my Dad when I was 20 and spent the next 24 years grieving this and many other losses.  When my Mom died of cancer I was 43 and I realized the massive toll that grief was having on my life.

Thankfully one of my friends offered the Grief Recovery Program and my life drastically improved!  Within a few short weeks, I felt alive, happy, joyful and passionate, better than I had felt in so many years.  Working in the health and wellness field as a healer I knew this was a path I had to bring to others who had unresolved grief from losses we all go through from many life events.

I provide one-on-one Grief Recover Method programs at my office in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.  I help people throughout the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) let go of the pain and help them feel vibrant again.


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