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    Massage therapy is an ancient, hands-on treatment to improve the function of muscles, soft tissues and joints of the body.

      Massage helps to treat and prevent physical dysfunction, relieve pain and reduce stress.

    Massage therapy 30 Minutes

    25 min – $55

    This massage therapy session will cover specific areas of the body based on pain/limited movement/tension. Focus is on relaxation.

    Massage therapy

    55 min – $88.48

    Goals of massage treatment including reduction or elimination of pain, stress management, reduced muscle soreness and tension, improved circulation and recovery from exercise or injury.

    Patients will notice a feeling of wellbeing, greater relaxation, and improved range of motion, better sleep patterns and flexibility.

    Massage therapy 90 minutes

    85 min – $132.74

      This relaxing treatment is recommended for those in need of deep relaxation with more time taken on each area plus hands, feet, scalp.
    Pre-Natal Massage

    55 min – $88.48

      Relieve the aches and pains of pregnancy with a luxurious massage on the pregnancy pillow. Safe and comfortable for all stages of pregnancy, this pillow provides maximum comfort so the expecting Mom can lie face down through her massage.
    Cranial Sacral Treatment

    55 min – $88.48

    This gentle treatment is perfect for patients who’ve been in a car accident at any point in their lives, who have suffered from concussions/sports injury, who’ve fallen, etc. Excellent for those with headaches, tension, postural issues, recurrent neck/low back pain, pain at the tailbone.
    Hot Jade Gemstone Massage

    55 min – $88.48

    Wonderful to release tension through the gentle, heated stones. Perfect for those interested in moderate pressure while enjoying the benefits of jade gemstones. These traditionally include luck, prosperity and beneficial connections.
    TMJ Massage

    55 min – $88.48

    Massage for those who suffer with jaw pain, clicking, popping may be from sports injury, extensive dental treatment, muscle tension, teeth clenching etc. This is a gentle, subtle, specific form of massage that is extremely beneficial for those with TMJ pain.    

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