In-Home Personal Training- Get the custom program that is right for you!

Here are some common questions about out in-home training program.

Men’s Personal Training

I do not exercise regularly but do not want to go to a gym, can you help?Fitness training for men

Yes, we specialize in helping people new to exercise and those who have years of experience.  We teach you proper technique and use appropriate exercises for YOUR fitness level.  Our personal trainers progress clients from workout to workout so you see incremental changes as you get stronger and fitter.  Imagine Fitness uses functional training with portable equipment, you don’t need to go to the gym to get excellent results!  You’ll work with your own bodyweight, dumbbells and other tools to create a lean, fit, healthy physique, no gym required!

How is in-home personal training better than going to the gym?

First and foremost, whether you want to or not, when your trainer knocks on your door at your scheduled appointment time it’s time to get to work!  Clients ALWAYS feel better after a workout, more energized and revitalized than they did before.  Also, training at home saves time.  Even if your gym is only 10 minutes away, it takes precious time to get ready, drive there, park, put your things away, figure out what you’re doing, workout and get back home.  

When an Imagine Fitness personal trainer is working with you at home you just answer the door and we take care of the rest. We design the best program for your goals, take you through your hour-long workout and then you can continue on with your day.  Talk about efficient!  No traffic, no hassles, just top notch training.

Finally, many of our clients haven’t had success at the gym.  They find that there are too many people at the gym, they have to wait for equipment, they feel intimidated or lose motivation.  Training in-home is an excellent solution because it’s you (wearing whatever your want, pyjamas aren’t out of the question), your trainer (who is supportive and non-judgemental), your music and your workout routine.  Perfect!


Women’s  Personal Training

I need to lose some weight can you help with a weight loss program?

Weight loss involves changes in habits and lifestyle.  For some this may mean walking every night after dinner and that will do it.  For many other people, it takes changing elements of diet/nutrition, focused fitness training(this may not be what you expect!), stress management techniques to reduce levels of cortisol (very destructive) and sleep optimization to improve body composition and energy.  Imagine Fitness will work with you to determine the lifestyle changes that will best suit you and give you amazing results.  

For example, if you’re exhausted and stressed but want to start an exercise program, your body will respond best to a yoga program as opposed to running.  We use body composition testing to determine hormonal markers like cortisol and decide on your best path forward.  Our holistic program is proven, accurate and simple.  We can help you lose the weight, quickly and easily, with real food and targeted exercise, just give us a call!

As a woman, I am very concerned that I do not become bulky, I want a lean look.  Can you help?

This is a very common concern for women, please rest assured, this won’t happen!  Typically we train with a full-body program emphasizing a reduction in your target areas.  We will train your problem areas with suitable weights and plyometric exercises designed to increase athleticism but not bulk.  You’ll see a beautiful change in your shape and silhouette without any increase in size, your measurements will only decrease.

Arm Workout

What is the best workout for a woman’s arms?

My favorite exercises for arms are the yoga push-up and the lying tricep extension.  Please speak to Imagine Fitness prior to trying these movements.
The yoga push-up is done with the knees on the floor to start, hands at shoulder level, elbows stay tight to the body.  Slowly bring the chest down towards the floor, locking the elbows in beside the body.  When the arms are at about a 90 degree angle, press the body back up to contract the triceps.  Repeat as many times as you can with perfect form, 1-5 times is great to start.  It’s tough!

The lying tricep extension is done lying on the floor on your back with light weights to start.  I must suggest 5lb weights to start, but be prepared to increase that if you feel you aren’t working hard enough.  With the elbows locked above the shoulders, slowly allow the weights to descend toward the hairline with control.  Exhale as you push to extend and straighten at the elbow.  Repeat 10-15 times for 2-3 sets.

Please contact Imagine Fitness for further instruction about the Yoga Push-Up (Chaturanga) or the lying tricep extension (French press).   Excellent exercises, we just want to make sure you’re doing them perfectly so you don’t hurt yourself and get the best results!


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