Symptom Free- Naturally

What results can I expect from BIE?

Lose unwanted weight
Increase your tolerance to foods and other environmental substances
Improve immune system functioning
Eliminate unpleasant symptoms
Increased energy
Enjoy a less restricted lifestyle
Live happier and healthier

I know I will feel better, will I notice a visible difference?

Often clients will lose a substantial amount of weight once their allergy symptoms have been eliminated. If you would like to quantify those changes or if you have a specific weight loss goal, please ask about our weight loss and nutrition programs. As a certified nutrition consultant and a Biosignature Practitioner I am an expert in weight loss and fat loss results.

What is Biosignature Analysis?

Biosignature Method: Lose Fat, Look Amazing!
Find out how you can improve all areas of your life with Biosignature Analysis. Developed by world-renowned strength coach Charles Poliquin, the Biosignature method is a proven technique based on scientific evidence and over 30 years as an international Olympic and national level strength coach.

About Charles:

Your Unique Hormonal Profile: Your Blueprint for Fat Loss!
This method unveils how where your body fat is stored indicates your unique hormonal profile and more importantly, how to get rid of that fat!

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Biosignature is Non-Invasive, Quick and Accurate!
Using 12 specific sites, your Biosignature Practitioner will determine your current levels of body fat and lean muscle. For highest degrees of accuracy, measurements should be done at the same time on the same day of the week. Results are different on a Monday versus a Friday, we suggest Monday to help you avoid over-indulging on the weekend. We use Harpenden Calipers, shown here, which are a medical instrument to ensure maximum accuracy.

Tracking these sites bi-weekly over the course of 10 weeks we can dramatically improve not only your trouble spots but also your exact levels of body fat and your hormonal profile. Coach Poliquin explains the method here:

How long will a client maintain homeostasis?

It usually requires only 1 to 4 sessions to maintain homeostasis.  In most cases, homeostasis can be achieved after the first visit.  However, depending on the stress level of the client, amount of bodily toxins and the strength of the personal’s immune system, the others may require several visits to achieve and maintain homeostasis.  Once homeostasis is achieved, there if usually no need for subsequent or yearly visits.

I’m pregnant and my children have symptoms of homeostatic imbalance, can you help us?

Absolutely! We use a different technique that is safe for pregnancy and for children. Don’t suffer, we can help suppress all symptoms of quickly, painlessly and safely

Possible Outcomes of the BIE Modality

When the body begins to balance itself, minor symptoms like the odd headache, sore throat, sinus congestion, tired or lethargic feeling, aches and pains or possibly even nausea are all usually signs of the body cleansing.  This in know as the “healing process”.  A healing process can start the day after the session up to 3 weeks in some cases, and may last from 1 to 28 days.  In fact, clients may appear to be feeling sick.  This is common.  The body is merely re-experiencing the same symptoms, temporarily, as it now returns on the uphill road, throwing off and eliminating toxic wastes.


Sarah Mulaner is a fitness and wellness professional who has helped clients achieve their health and fitness goals since ’93. She is a certified personal trainer, a Biosignature Practitioner and is passionate about helping clients enjoy optimal, vibrant health.


We can help you be symptom free!