My journey with Imagine Fitness really got started just over 6 months ago… I had trained in a gym before, both alone and with a personal trainer. When my membership expired I decided to take my renewal money and put it towards building a home gym, thinking I knew what I needed to do, I could continue to accomplish my goals on my own at home. After two years of letting life take over and allowing my fitness goals slip to the back burner I put on 40 lbs. I was so busy working just over 50 hours a week, I kept telling myself I would start working out next week… then next week turned into one month, then two months etc… I finally accepted that I needed some help, as my self motivation for making the time was severely lacking. I found Imagine Fitness online through a simple Google search.

When I first met Sarah I really liked her personality, down to earth and motivating, she made my goals sound very realistic and was confident that I could achieve them a lot sooner than I originally expected. Sarah coming to my house prevented me from talking myself out of a workout… she was going to be there so I just had to be ready to go! As soon as the session started I always had fun and felt great when we were done. Sarah always had something new to add to my workouts which kept it interesting. In addition to this Sarah really helped me to get on top of my diet and taught me about eating clean.

Seeing Sarah only twice a week and making only minor changes to my not so great diet for just over 4 months has completely reversed my weight gain, and I have lost 25” overall thus far! On top of that I have so much more energy and confidence in my day to day life. I whole heartedly recommend personal training to anyone having trouble getting started with a fitness goal! I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you! Thanks a million Sarah!!!